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Many individuals kick off the new year with a resolution to improve their health and fitness, but often struggle to find the right motivation and discipline. Just like starting a business with limited resources, embarking on a fitness journey requires you to simply get in and get better by at least 1% every day.

1. Dream Up Your Vision: Just like Arnie says, you can’t go anyway without a “vision”. Begin by envisioning your fitness goals. What will you look like in 2025, how far can you run, how much can you lift? Whether it's shedding a few kilos, building muscle, or enhancing overall well-being, having a clear vision will serve as your guide.

2. Identify the Skills Needed: Just as you'd identify the skills required to build a business, pinpoint the skills needed for your fitness journey. This may involve learning about different exercise routines, understanding proper form, or even seeking guidance from fitness professionals. At our health clubs we offer supplement consultations, have a variety of group fitness classes and have access to the best personal trainers.

3. Create Your Fitness Checklist: 
✅ Choose a workout routine that suits your goals and lifestyle. 
✅ Build a support system, whether it's friends, family, or a training partner.
✅ Aim to stick to your routine for 8-Weeks at a time. Daily habits become a lifestyle.
✅ Check out our Group Fitness classes if you like training with a community feeling.
✅ Stay committed and don't give up, even when faced with challenges. Our team is here to support you, should you ever need it!

4. Persist, and Stay the Course: Expect challenges, plateaus, and setbacks, but view them as opportunities to learn and grow. When you have a setback by eating a few burgers at Macca’s, understand that if you had a meal plan and had your meals ready, you wouldn’t have had the temptation of going there as you’d be full. It’s simple things like this that can break off bad habits simply by preparing your food in advance. Adapt your routine as needed, explore new workouts, and stay committed for the long-term.

I hope this helps, and I can’t wait to see you in one of our clubs smashing your goals!



Nathan James

Founder and Director Fitness Cartel Health Clubs

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