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We all know that doing things with friends is always better! Well that goes for exercising too! There are so many benefits you can expect from training with a friend, from increased motivation, to achieving more results. Read the many benefits you can expect to see from training with a friend!

Exercising with a Friend.  Why should you?

At Fitness Cartel we know that exercise is great for our minds and bodies. It’s easy to start exercising for the “New Year, New You”, but it can be a challenge to maintain the same level of interest and commitment for the whole year. That’s why we thoroughly support exercising with a friend. We’ve come up with eight reasons why you should exercise with a friend.

1. It’s more fun to exercise with a friend

You’re less likely to get bored when you have a workout mate, especially a friend. While you’re chatting away and having a laugh, you’re also getting healthier together. Don’t forget you will be able to encourage each other through the last few reps.

Chatting to a friend during your training session can help it the time go quicker.  It’s also a great way to catch up in person, instead of over various social media platforms.

2. You can meet new people

Exercising in a group can give you an opportunity to meet new people.  By participating in one of our Group Fitness Classes, 8 Week Challenge Sessions, or PT Small Group Training, you get to train with people that have common interests with you. Being healthy. Once you get chatting, you’ll be able to establish friendships that can lead to catch ups outside the gym. Then next thing you know, you’re working out which Classes to do together that week.

3. You’re more likely to stay committed

If you’ve arranged to meet a friend to train or booked an early Group Fitness Class, you’ll be more motivated to get to the gym for your session. No one wants to be the friend that lets the other one down. Easy motivation if you know someone is relying on you.

After a few weeks your exercise routine will start to become habit. You’ll find it easier to stick to your training schedule and stay committed.

When you’re not feeling your workout, you’ve got your workout mate to keep you on track.  Encouraging you not to quit.  On the flip side, you might be the one dishing out the pep talk to your buddy.  Supporting each other will help you stay committed.

4. You’re more likely to succeed in your fitness goals

Having a friend keep you accountable will help you stay motivated in reaching your fitness goals. Research has found that if your workout buddy is losing weight, you’l be motivated by that too. 2 goals for the price of 1!

Keep in mind that not all exercise goals are weight loss related. You might be trying to build muscle or run 5km faster.  Pick goals that are realistic for you. 

5. You’ll work harder with someone else around

When exercising with a someone who’s around the same fitness level as you, you’ll be more likely to push a little bit harder. We’re not talking “hold my beer’ harder, maybe just managing 20 push ups, instead of 18!

If you and/or your friend are a little bit on the competitive side, you’ll fell less like giving up when it gets hard. Watching your friend smash out their workout, might just be the motivation you need to get over the finish line.

6. Save money by training together
Paying for a Personal Trainer can be expensive.  You and your buddy can team up and split the cost by doing a PT Session together.

If you live together or near each other, you can also carpool to the gym.


7. Your friend may have new exercise to try

Your workout buddy might’ve seen a workout online that they want to try. They might also know some exercises that you don’t. You’ll be able to learn new skills and ways to train.

By mixing up how you train, it’ll stop you from getting bored with your workouts. Keeping it fresh will help keep you motivated.  You’ll have fun and find less reasons to quit.

8. It can be safer to exercise with someone else

Trying to bench press a new PB? Trying to get in a band to do a pull up? Having someone to be your spotter when trying a new exercise or trying to hit a PB, can really make the difference to your success. You don’t have to worry about getting the bar off you if you can’t finish that last rep. Your buddy can also help you with your form, making the reps you do worth it.