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Nathan's Corner: Boost Your Day with the 11:20 AM Exercise Rule


Boost Your Day with the 11:20 AM Exercise Rule

In the midst of a busy workday, it's easy to let exercise slide off the agenda in day to day life. However, introducing just 20 minutes of physical activity around 11:20 AM, known as the "11:20 AM Rule," could be exactly what you need to get yourself moving more frequently. This strategy not only offers you the chance to get away from the desk but also to get some mental clarity. Movement helps you focus better and feel better.

Why Midday Exercise?

Exercising at 11:20 AM takes advantage of a natural drop in energy most of us face. Short, midday workouts can improve cognitive function, alleviate stress, and elevate mood, making the rest of the workday feel more manageable and productive.

How to Implement It

Incorporating the 11:20 AM Rule is simple. Choose an activity you enjoy, whether it's a quick walk or a fast-paced HIIT workout. The aim is not to exhaust but to energize, ensuring the exercise fits seamlessly into your day without significant disruption. Consistency is key, as the benefits compound over time, enhancing not just your immediate energy levels but your overall health and work performance.

Get Inspired

For a real-life example of how the 11:20 AM Rule can be seamlessly integrated into a busy schedule, check out this video I posted recently: Transform Your Day in 20 Minutes. It's a testament to the power of dedicating just a fraction of your day to physical well-being.