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Nathan's Corner: Common Myths People Believe When Training


Common myths people believe when training can also relate to day-to-day life as a business owner

Hey everyone, I want to jump into a topic that I believe is super important when training in the gym that also carries over into business decisions and ultimately, your personal pathway to success. I was recently filming with my video team and we did a topic on some of the common myths people believe when training that can also relate to day-to-day life as a business owner. So, let’s bust them here! Let's get real and debunk these myths together, because understanding the truth is your first step to smashing your goals in the gym and in the boardroom.


Myth 1: Instant Results are a Thing

Let's kick things off with a biggie. Whether it's sculpting your dream body or building a successful business, overnight success is a myth. Just like you can't expect to hit the gym today and wake up with a six-pack tomorrow, a thriving business doesn't pop up overnight.

The Reality Check: Success, in fitness and business, is about consistency, patience, and hard work. Small, daily efforts add up. It's about getting better by at least 1% every day. So, set realistic goals and celebrate the small wins on your journey.


Myth 2: More is Always Better

In the gym, there's a common belief that the more you train, the faster you'll see results. The same goes for business – the more hours you put in, the quicker you'll succeed, right? Wrong.

The Reality Check: It's not about quantity; it's about quality. Overtraining can lead to burnout and injuries, just like overworking can lead to stress and diminish your creativity and productivity. Balance is key. Listen to your body and your mind; rest and recovery are just as important as the grind.


Myth 3: You Need to Go Big or Go Home

The idea that you need to use the heaviest weights or invest a fortune to see progress is a misconception. Whether it's lifting or launching a startup, starting small is often the smartest move.

The Reality Check: Progressive overload in training, gradually increasing your weights, is how you build strength safely. In business, starting small allows you to learn, adapt, and grow without risking it all. It's okay to start with what you have and scale from there.


Myth 4: You Can Do It All Alone

Independence is great, but thinking you don't need any support is a trap. In the gym, having a spotter can help you push your limits safely. In business, mentors and a strong team can offer invaluable insights and support.

The Reality Check: Community is everything. Don't be afraid to seek out advice, mentorship, and collaboration. At Fitness Cartel, we're all about that community feel, whether you're working out with us or brainstorming business strategies. You're stronger when you're not alone.


Myth 5: Failure is the End

Ever heard someone say they stopped going to the gym because they didn't see results fast enough? Or someone who gave up on their business after hitting a roadblock? These stories often treat failure as a full stop.

The Reality Check: Failure is not the end; it's a crucial part of the learning process. Every misstep in training or business is an opportunity to learn and come back stronger. Embrace failure as feedback, not a final verdict.


Whether you're pumping iron or pumping up your business plan, remember that the path to success is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay patient, work hard, work smart and remember, we're in this together.


See you later,


Founder and Director Fitness Cartel Health Clubs

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