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Nathan's Corner: How To Balance Day To Day Life


"Balancing school, work, and workouts sounds like a lot… But here are some smart tips you can begin to implement into your day-to-day life that even I use myself".

If It's Not In The Calendar It Does Not Happen

Start by creating a schedule that works for you. Take a look at your school and work hours and ensure that you allocate some time for family and relaxation. You can then use the open slots in your schedule to plan for a workout. Take a moment now to plan your upcoming week in detail, including your wake-up time, work or study schedule, and other activities. You can then fit in your gym time around your existing schedule. Remember, a 30 to 45-minute workout is sufficient to maintain your physical health and well-being.

Get Real With Yourself

If waking up at the crack of dawn for a jog makes you cringe, don't do it. You need to choose something you’ll stick to. Pick a workout time you can stick to for the long run. If a full hour at the gym isn't happening due to your schedule, a 20-minute home workout can still do wonders. There is no excuse.

Prioritise, Don't Sacrifice

Got a big test and a shift on the same day? It's cool to skip the gym. What's not cool is cramming for the test at the last minute or bailing on your job. Balance is about choosing what's super important right now and what can wait.

Tech is Your Friend

Your phone isn't just for scrolling on social media. Use apps to organise your life, from scheduling workouts to reminding you about upcoming deadlines.

Chill Time is Key

All work and no play? Nope, not good. Make sure you set aside time to just relax, hang out with friends, or spend time with family. It keeps your brain happy and prevents burnout. Remember, we’re trying to create a lifestyle, not a short challenge that ends with you crashing and burning.

Ask for Help

Feeling swamped? It's okay to ask for help. Our team have incredible PT’s that can help you figure out meals and training routines so you have one less thing to worry about!

Bottom line: Yes, balancing everything is tough, but totally doable with some planning, flexibility, and a bit of help. Remember, it's about making progress, not being perfect. You've got this!