"How to keep getting stronger" by Morgan Steel

Renee Rice
28 Sep , 2020
How to keep getting stronger?
The answer is undulating periodisation, its sounds very technical but to break it down simply, we cant keep putting more weight on the bar each week, its just not possible we hit a wall with strength gains. So we need to change the way we do a exercise to keep progressing in strength. Some simply ideas below:
  • Have a deload period or a time frame when you go lighter or time off the gym to let your body recover
  • Rotate exercises for a period of time eg Incline DB press swap to Incline Machine Press
  • Manipulate exercise order, put squats second or third in the workout instead of first
These are just a couple of ideas that will help you keep progression in strength and hypertrophy overtime, remember recovery is everything and less
can be more.
Morgan Steel EP

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